Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

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         I highly recommend "Scarred by Scandal - Redeemed by Love.”  The book with photos is a moving tribute to her mother, Maria, whose dedication and love for her children sustained them all through a multitude of sorrows. Maria’s victory is that she lived to witness the impressive accomplishments of her children.

         The directness of the narrative makes this book "an interesting read." Maria’s life encompasses so many difficult episodes that the honest storytelling is more compelling -- no embellishment is needed. Among the battles Maria had to fight were war dislocation and separation as a child; endless financial struggles, rejection, foster homes for her son, and physical illness. Somehow, in Maria there was an unconquerable spark to instill in her children the belief that there is beauty and joy in caring for one another, in education, in the work ethic, in love over anger.   

         This book has particular value for women and should be included in Women’s Studies’ classes.  So long as single mothers must fight to preserve their family units, this book will be relevant.               

Nydia Leaf, New York, N.Y.


         I feel honored and grateful that Gloria has taken us on this journey to meet her Familia. The vivid remembrances of her dear mother warmed my soul. After reading this book, I now understand Gloria’s gentle composure but also her fighting spirit.


Mimi Quezada, Menifee, CA


         This is a wonderful tribute to an amazing woman. I met Maria about forty five years ago and was always impressed with her gentleness and dignity. It wasn't until this book was published that I learned of her incredible journey through life. Looking back, I am in awe of the courage and strength Maria had and the positive way she raised her three children. Gloria takes us through her Mother's life with incredible insight and sensitivity. Her words allow us to see and feel Maria's struggles.

         This book will be an inspiration to all who read it, especially single mothers struggling to keep their families together. 

Edith Byrnes, Vista, CA

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