Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

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         Well, I started reading your book yesterday, and could hardly put it down.  I must say that so far I am totally amazed.  It's like I get to be you and see all these happenings unfolding before my eyes.  But what is so clear is the great love you have and had for your mother.  It's wonderful, as many persons in your situation would not write what you did.  Your mother's heartaches and trials made her stronger and stronger and as a result she had strong children in many ways, yet her suffering took its toll on her children.        

         But what stands out the most for me is that with all your Mother's suffering, she seemed to always let her children know how very much she loved them.  This is the strong foundation that today so many children need and are missing in life, and thus unable to handle bad times.  When you know you are loved, it is so much easier to look toward the future when "Things" will get better.  It helps one to develop hope when you know you are loved.

         So complex…yet the book sings out:  "Love, Love, Love".  I am really enjoying it and at the same time looking at today's single mother a bit differently.


  Sandra Serrano Sewell, La Quinta, CA


         I finished reading your incredible book yesterday.  I admire your honoring your mom and, through her, all immigrant women, all single moms, all WOMEN, who love and love and love and love…  I felt it has been an honor to read what you have shared through your writings and allowed me and so many to see so deep inside of your heart.  There is no question that the strength of spirit surpasses unimaginable experiences as a “body”.  I am grateful you wrote it for us and I got to know your mom and you even more.  It inspired me to review my mom’s life as carefully as you have done with yours and honor her too.

         Your book has been a great help to understand, to heal, and to continue working with and for women who are experiencing such growth and blossoming at this moment in time, I thank you.


Anita Montero Campion, South Pasadena, CA

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