Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

Excerpt — Chapter 1, Page 19

       A child’s heart breaks, and her tears fall, silently.    


       The first time Mama was taken away from us, from my brother Ruben and me, I was four and he was eight. 

       Mama’s eyes were closed, her face pale and her tiny body so still, as two men laid her on a stretcher, carried her from our second story apartment, down the outside wooden stairway and placed her in an ambulance – then she was gone.

       Ruben and I were to be placed with friends or family, whoever would take us till Mama came back.  We were separated – separated from our mother and from each other.   

       At the age of three, my mother had also experienced the pain of separation and loss – separation from her family and loss of maternal love.  When she was five, she experienced a different kind of pain.  A pain so intense, it is difficult to imagine or describe, other than by telling the story of her childhood as she told it to me.

*   *   *


Chapter 14 Excerpt