Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

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†††††††† I loved your book and didnít want it to end.  You write so well and the story of your lives, especially your Motherís, brought up so many emotions.  I think all Mothers should read this, especially the ones who seem to have so much of everything but love in their homes.† Your Mom kept you together as a family; sometimes with very little money and not enough food and sometimes in the most miserable of places to live.  But her all-encompassing love for her family was always there Ė itís one of the most beautiful of loves, I think.  What an amazing remarkable little woman she was Ė so petite and pretty and personable; Iím glad my sister Edith met her, and Iím glad you wrote this book, Gloria.  It would make a terrific book for a reading group to read and discuss afterward Ė so much in it to wonder about and ponder.  You did a great job! 

 Althea O. Wharton, Plymouth, MA


†††††††† I must admit narrative written books are not my usual choice but I very much enjoyed the story of your mother. As I began the book, I formed early opinions on the characters. Those opinions soon changed. As I got deeper into the story, I found myself becoming more involved and anxious for the next turn of events. Your mother was quite a woman and in spite of unfortunate choices as a young woman, she persevered and did not let the hardships of life get her down.†

†††††††† I found myself in tears at times with my heart breaking for all the hardships she had to endure. In those times it was almost impossible for a woman to be independent enough to get by on her own let alone raise children without any help. I know it is of no concern of mine but I can't help wonder how your father could live in such wealth and allow his "other" children to live in such hardship.

†††††††† I have always said the greatest gift we can ever give our children is unconditional love and your mother certainly showered her children with an abundance.† Bravo for her, and her strength and courage.



Philip Rolli, Mission Viejo, CA

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