Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

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         Your mother's story came alive and becomes more personal because of the pictures. It was hard to put the book down; I would fall asleep only after my eyes could no longer focus. My heart ached for your dear mother; I cheered at her accomplishments and finally cried at her funeral—I felt as though I lost a friend. What a wonderful model you had.

         I salute you for your honesty, for sharing your mom with us and for doing it objectively. It was as though a pure, innocent and accepting soul was narrating the happenings in an impartial manner. Although this was a loving tribute to your mother, you emerge as a bigger-than-life heroine—the one who carried the story within. In retrospect, in good conscience, and in your own time, you were able to look at the events from every angle, being mindful of other's viewpoints. Then, you were able to share the story that shaped you. In weaving the lives of the principals into your story, you emerge as a wonderful story teller.  I feel as though I know your family. 

Nellie Caudillo Kaniski, Santa Ana, CA


         Though I’d known Maria for most of my adult life, I realized while reading “Scarred by Scandal…” that I hadn’t actually known her at all.

         I learned much from the book – not only about Maria, but about those who may risk much to come to America, and how hard life could be for them.  Add to that the stigma of post-1950s unwed motherhood, and the reader gains a vast insight into worlds perhaps not before contemplated.

         I highly recommend this memoir to anyone who wants to grow in compassion and understanding.


Gloria Davis, Trinidad, CA

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