Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

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†††††††† Maria DeLaTorre arrived in America as a young woman unable to speak English and extremely naÔve. Growing up in Mexico, she had been sheltered to a degree unimaginable today. She promptly made a mistake that would cause her disappointment and suffering. She fell in love with a married man. She even had children by him but, in spite of placing her faith in him for years, she remained ďthe other woman.Ē

†††††††† Written by Gloria, her eldest daughter, Scarred by Scandal-Redeemed by Love is the story of Mariaís life and Gloriaís childhood. You canít research your own childhood. You have to remember it and Gloria has an amazing ability to recall in great detail the places she lived and the people she encountered as she was growing up poor in L.A. of the Thirties and Forties.

†††††††† Mariaís three children were her salvation. She got it right with them.†† She always showed them love and was supportive and understanding. Every time she had to move from one substandard apartment to another she would find the nearest public library and march her kids there. Neighborhood libraries became their sanctuaries; especially after Maria had discovered the main downtown library.

†††††††† Although Gloria and her siblings experienced many of the indignities that can befall children who are poor, they survived and grew into successful adults. Gloria was the skinny little girl at her motherís side.  Now she is an author who bears witness in the pages of her book to Mariaís struggles and ultimate redemption.


 Victor Silva, Hermosa Beach, CA

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