Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love


         I am deeply grateful to the editors who blessed my memoir – formally and informally – beginning with Maila Walter my Yoga class friend, former professor and author who read and edited the first few disjointed chapters and gave me good, candid feedback.       

         Thanks to Barbara Villaseñor, editor, who read the first semblance of a manuscript.  In her evaluation, she asked difficult, critical questions.  She concluded that I had an “outstanding memoir for my family.”  But to reach and appeal to a larger general reading public, Barbara said I had to make a leap (a giant leap, I now realize). 

         Eighteen months and several chapters later, Ted C. Snyder, my long-time friend, writer and retired college professor of journalism and government, edited each major revision of my manuscript.  His son, Ted Snyder, journalist, playwright, and director, also reviewed and revised my manuscript.  I am deeply grateful to them both for their edits and significant contributions.

         Another good friend, Judy Kidder Browning also a journalist and writer, meticulously checked my work for (and found more than a few) grammatical errors.  Thank you, Judy.

         In her Foreword, Professor Naomi Quiñónez, poet and author, was sensitive to the struggles of an unmarried emigrant mother while pointing out the historical nuances surrounding our family’s story.   Thank you, Naomi.

         Special thanks to my friend and sister-in-law, Judith Anderson who sent a treasure of photographs for the book and shared stories about my brother I had never before heard. 

         My thanks to Angel Luís Martínez, copy editor of the final draft.  His insightful editing skills allowed me to prepare my manuscript for publication.

         Loving thanks to my daughter Victoria for the logo she designed titled “Metamorphosis” which appears in the Dedication and at the conclusion of each chapter.

         To my husband Dane who encouraged me over the years to put together notes and remembrances I had been writing about my mother and our family experiences.  He also spent hours formatting and revising my manuscript, and restoring and editing photographs.  I am grateful for his perseverance and patience. 

         Finally, to my daughters Victoria, Lisa, and Teresa, my sons Eddie and Rick; my grandchildren Celeste, Justin and Nicholaus; my nieces Suzanne and Beverly, my nephew Jon; to my cousins Raoul and Victor - I am deeply grateful for your contributions, support, and personal loving remembrances ~ this memoir is for you, and for all our family.