Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

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†††††††† Thank you for forwarding your memoir to me at the requests of our mutual friend, Lilia Aceves.† I wasnít able to read it right away.† Then Hurricane Wilma struck.† Work stopped, life stopped.† I took those days of isolation to read your book.†

†††††††† Once I started, I couldnít put it down.† It came to me in a timely way.† I am in the middle of writing my memoirs and am at a standstill.† At this point, I donít know if Iíll finish it.† This is mostly because my health is always a challenge.†† But I am writing you because I believe your book is not only an interesting read but an important one.† Just as any other community, the Chicano community has so many stories to tell with sociological impact.† Yours is one of them.† Chicanos have their unique identity, especially those coming out of East Los Angeles.†

†††††††† I congratulate you on your book, and on your life.†


Sylvia Alicia GonzŠlez, Opa Locka, FL


†††††††† I have finished your amazing work of love Gloria. I can tell you that it not only inspired me, but it also made me relate to so many events I had experienced as a kid. The amazing journey that Maria started as a young girl made me realize how powerful is the love for life and the people we share our lives with.† It made me laugh, it made me feel sad, it enraged me and I honestly can tell you, it almost made me cry. In the end, we're all victims of our own desires, but what keeps us growing and human, is that spark of love - that's what makes us become who we really are.† Essence.† Maria was, and you my dear Gloria, you were born with it. Thanks for your work, the inspiration, and for being who you are. †††††††


Albert Correa, Fullerton, CA


†††††††† This is a very moving testament to the lives of women, not fully understood by many men and the more sheltered ladies of society.  This book is a great vehicle with which to discuss issues of race, women, and economic disad-vantage. 

Elaine Boyd, Whittier, CA

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