Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

Excerpt ó Chapter 6, Page 101

†††††† Late one night Mama was putting the finishing touches and the final stitches on a new dress she had made.†† She sat quietly on the edge of our bed sewing, and I was dozing off to sleep.†† Ruben was tending to his nightly chore, putting layers of newspapers on the floor in his sleeping area to catch any piddles or poop from Mitzi who slept on the floor next to his bed.† She was not housebroken yet and cleaning up after her was his responsibility.††

†††††† In my half-sleep, I remember hearing Ruben rummaging through the closet near the foot of our bed, searching for newspapers.† It was a dark corner of the room, so he lit a match to light up the area, found the newspapers and went back to finish his chore.†

†††††† Seconds later, I wasnít sure whether I was having a strange dream or if I really did see a wall of flames burst up into our closet!† I felt a sudden surge of heat and screamed.† At the same time, my mother jumped off the bed, grabbed me and we ran into Rubenís sleeping area by the front door.† He was standing there stunned.†

†††††† We ran around in a panic trying to find Mitzi - we could hear her whimpering.† At the same time we tried to gather a few belongings.† Our efforts were futile.† In what seemed like a matter of minutes, our little bungalow was swallowed up in flames.†

*† *† *††


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