Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

Excerpt — Chapter 9, Page 158

       A few months later, during the late evening of February 24, 1944, two days after MariaJean’s third birthday, a frightening, humiliating incident took place at our apartment on 31st Street.  There was a loud knock at the door.  My brother opened it and there stood a county sheriff with our landlord standing behind him.   The officer was holding papers in his hand and said, “I want to speak to Mary De La Torre.” 

         Mama was standing directly behind Ruben and said, “I am Mary De La Torre.” 

       The officer handed Mama a thick set of papers - an eviction notice, a “Writ of Possession” from the Municipal Court, City of Los Angeles dated February 23, 1944. 

       As he handed Mama the papers he said, “You and your family have to vacate this apartment immediately.”

       At first, she didn’t comprehend what he was saying or how to respond.  We were shocked at the sight of a sheriff in our doorway and intimidated by his demanding tone.  Because it was late in the evening, our neighbors didn’t see or hear what was happening to us.  This would have made everything even more humiliating.

       Mama attempted to read the papers, but even if she could have understood the eight-page document, it would have been futile to respond at that moment. 

*   *   *   


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