Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

Excerpt — Chapter 13, Page 238

       Frequently, when families and friends gather to honor a beloved parent or grandparent, it’s at a funeral.  I decided that the family should celebrate Mama on her 80th birthday while she was still very much alive.  It was a joyous event. 

         Jon set the tone for the remembrances that followed his eloquent and humorous opening remarks about Grandma.

         “As I was preparing for my duties as MC for Grandma’s birthday,” Jon explained, “I asked a few family members for any anecdotes they might want to share, and my cousin Vicky had a great one.  She told me it was her first week of kindergarten when her teacher asked if anyone knew how to count.  Vicky raised her hand, stood up and began:  ‘…two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King!’  Gramma had taught her to play Five Hundred Rummy!”

         We had a great laugh with this story, and then Jon described his own experience related to this particular Grandma-ism.   “I told this story about Vicky’s counting to my Aunt Angie and she casually commented how wonderful it was that Grandma had taught her grandkids to play Five Hundred Rummy so they could learn to count, and wasn’t it wonderful that she let everyone win.

         “I stopped my aunt.  You mean she let everyone win?  What do you mean ‘she let everyone win’?” 

         “Oh yeah, Jon, didn’t you know?  Grandma always lets everyone win.”

         “My aunt Angie popped my bubble.  I was crushed.  Here I thought I was the King of Rummy who always beat the master teacher, my Grandma.” 

*  *  *    


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