Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

†††††††† This is a powerful book on many levels. Written in a warm and natural prose, it is a testament to the power of love over hardships sometimes imposed by the human condition.

†††††††† As a work of social history, it compels with first-hand accounts, interesting details and photographs of people the reader feels she knows! Most important for me, as a continuation high school teacher, it is a motivational message for young women who share the experience of pregnancy and single motherhood. The girls in my classes experience Maria's story as a light shining into a future that can seem quite bleak. It is a great pleasure for me to share this message of hope and triumph with them!


Kathleen Dichirico, Newbury Park, CA


†††††††† Gloria, Scarred by Scandal Redeemed by Love is an amazing testimony to the power of love, and the resilience of the human spirit. You have breathed life into each of the people you present in your story, and I feel like I know them.  I can relate to your experiences, and clearly visualize all the places you lived in.† I have mixed feelings about Ezequiel, and I have reconciled the fact that he was a product of his time, and he resembles the majority of the men in my family.

        I congratulate you for honoring your mother with such a profound story of a woman who lived life on life's terms. She certainly was a beautiful woman from the inside out.

†††††††† Your book must continue to be marketed because it is a powerful healing source that is filled with the wisdom of love and forgiveness.† There is no shame in living life on lifeís terms.† I wish that your book be read by millions.


 Catalina Durazo-Senkbeil, San Juan Capistrano, CA

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