Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

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         Love will out. Or will it? If you're talking about love for family, then, yes, love will triumph over the greatest odds. In this memoir focusing on her mother, Gloria DeLaTorre-Wycoff tells all, explains all, and moves us to tears over the challenges and obstacles this family has had to endure. Gloria's mother, a recent immigrant at the time, fell in love with her sister's husband and had his children: a second family for him, one he only intermittently supported but pretty much neglected emotionally. And yet Gloria and her siblings have triumphed, become educated, achieved numerous accomplishments in spite of vast poverty and much prejudice. I found myself turning page after page to learn how they became so resilient, how they managed through move after move. A hard journey, but one well written and well worth taking along with the author.


Susan K. Perry, Los Angeles, CA

Author of “Loving in Flow”


         I’ve just finished reading “Scarred by Scandal – Redeemed by Love.” It is a very compelling story of one woman, Maria, who struggles through young adult and motherhood, but who eventually fills her life with the joys of family and achievement. The author, Maria’s daughter, bravely shares with us the struggles of one family torn apart by scandal, and yet willing to persist through and overcome its painful challenges. I recommend this as essential reading, especially for anyone who is faced with difficult circumstances. It will help renew the spirit and serve as an example that even in the midst of adversity, there is always hope and a brighter future.


 Manuel Baca, PhD, Diamond Bar, CA

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