Scarred by Scandal ~ Redeemed by Love

Excerpt — Chapter 4, Page 74

       The second time Mama returned, she was still weak and unable to speak clearly.  A few days later, our social worker, Mrs. Edmundson, came to see us. 

       It was our good fortune that Mrs. Edmundson was kind and patient.  She was a tall woman with light brown hair who wore plain, business-type clothes.  Beyond the professional distance called for by her assigned responsibilities, her attitude was one of compassion and sensitivity.

       She told us that because my mother was not well or strong enough to care for Ruben and me, or for herself, the county welfare department had made other living arrangements for us.  Knowing that we had no idea what this meant, Mrs. Edmundson explained.  “Mary, you and Gloria will live in a boarding home with other women and children.  You’ll have your own room and good care.”

       She paused, then added, “Ruben will live in a foster home with people who will take care of him.” 

       “These arrangements will be temporary until you’re strong and well enough, Mary, to care for Ruben and Gloria, and yourself.”               

       Mama, still very weak, understood as much as she was capable of at the moment.  She understood that we had no choice, but the mention of Ruben’s separation from us upset her.  She cried and asked, “Why can’t my son come with us?  Where are you going to take him?”

*  *  *


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